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Last update: 22nd July, 2010


Recent Changes

22nd July 2010

Long time no update.... had a call from Rodney who wanted a link to his new website Play Bark... so I've put it onto my about me page as he requested.

6th January 2009

I've just put some updates on the North West HIPs site.

15th April 2008

My little bro's getting married!

He's going for a 'honeymoon with a difference', just take a look at his new website

12th October 2006

Hmm.... 3D graphics... cool.

Yup, I've started playing with something different; many moons ago I used to play with the POV raytrace program, and produced a few 'nice' graphics, but now I've bought Poser and DAZ|Studio... so I'll be trying out some graphics on here at long last. You have been warned.

I'll just note that DAZ is a great place to get 3D content and software: I've been 'investing' heavily! :-)

3rd October 2006

Here's an interesting site: if you want to know about kidnaps, ransom and blackmail... or rather what to do in the event of such an occurrance, then this website is run by people who train for such an eventuality. Red Centre Associates are based here in the UK, but they travel all over the world to do the training --- and I mean literally all over the world!

2nd June 2006

I'm now a happily married man! Freshly returned from honeymoon with my wonderful bride, Carole.

I'll see if I can sort out some piccies soon.

16th February 2006

I've heard from a good friend that I used to work with at Halcyon: Adam James. He's involved in a new website catering for everyone who enjoys being out in the wild... or even who like to take a stroll down the high street: you need to be prepared for all eventualities and at Outdoor Idiots you can discuss the whys and wherefores of everything from the right kind of footware to the right way to select and pitch a tarp!

3rd January 2006

Happy New Year!

Just done a bit of tidying up --- I think I've got the layout so that it looks okay in both Internet Explorer and Firefox now... fingers crossed.

Nope, that didn't fix it. Back to the drawing board.

12th December 2005

Done a little bit of tidying up... got rid of that really old junk, and just compiled a better list of 'other' bits.

I discovered that the visitor book on the Cursillo section of the website has stopped working, so I've removed it for now.

Rodney, my step-son is now working for Online Turf near Ormskirk. So if you need any turf, grass seed, or even the odd rake... that's the place to go! (Me biased? Never!)

He's got quite a few online stores up now... here's some of them:

17th October 2005

Okay... this is new for me: I've put Google Ads and Google search at the top of the page. The ads should be appropriate to the site, please let me know if there's anything unsuitable showing up! Thanks.



------ - The UK's Biggest Video Store


What's all this then?

There is an increasing amount of information available here. If you want, you can get to know a little about me, but that's the very tiniest part of my offering.

In response to a number of requests (I can't think why, but...) I have now added a picture gallery with a picture of me. I may add some more if anyone's desperate!

I've also now joined the Cursillo Ring. Lot's of resources available to suit whatever your needs!

Chester Anglican Cursillo Last Update: 29th August, 2001

The Major part of my web space is concerned with the Cursillo® movement, and in particular the The Chester Anglican Cursillo®.

Here you will find links to many other Cursillo sites around the world: some are members of the Cursillo web ring, others are not. Many have far better link pages than I. [grin]

Holy Disorder
Last Update: 13th January, 2000

Holy Disorder is a youth ministry concept have a read to find out more. I have no recent information concerning Holy Disorder. :-(

The Demon Internet Achimedes FTP Index

There is a very outdated index to the Archimedes files section of

If you wish to compare with the actual ftp site for the Archimedes file section of then please do so by selecting the link in this paragraph. :-)

Other Things
  • If any of you remember MicroNet (the hobbyists part of BT's Prestel system), then you may well remember the multi-user game called Shades. Well, the interesting thing is that it has now appeared on the internet...
    So, if you would like to know more about this, then take a look at the Games World site for all the details.
  • Just make a quick link here to Lou McCabe's website... :-)
  • Do you like clocks?
    A good friend of mine called Reg Smith repairs clocks, be they mantle clock, wall clocks or long case clocks... take a looky at his website in it's new home: Pendulum Clocks.
  • Just thought I'd brush a bit of dust off and mention that there's a web site now for St Mary's Church in Lymm... that's my church!
    If that link doesn't seem to work properly, it's also possible to get it through St Mary's Church in Lymm, which is the same page but without a redirector.... the domain isn't hosted on the server where I have all the web pages, so I cheated a little. :-)
  • Cath is a technical author who is looking to expand her current client list, she has worked on all forms of document presentation from simple single sheet leaflets to full ISO 9001 technical specification documents. Cath has managed the implementation of ISO 9001 in at least a couple of companies that I'm aware of. Quality Technical Services is based in Manchester, UK. If you have any document work needs, she'd be happy to hear from you.
  • I'm not one for banners particularly, but I thought this one was particularly useful: are a Video and DVD retailer who I have found to be absolutely wonderful when it comes to service. (They used to be called Blackstar... same people, same excellent service, just a different name.)
    My list of purchases from them is now quite extensive. They have set up 'Zones' for particular fan bases, such as the Farscape and Buffy Zones which keep you up to date on the upcoming releases --- if you order before release, you generally receive a discount. This is how I buy most of my Videos and DVDs.
    Enough advertising for now... suffice to say I've been impressed over and over by, when there has been a problem, it has been quickly resolved by their excellent support team.
  • LEXX: If you don't know what Lexx is, it's a SciFi series: Sadly the offical web page is no longer available since Salter Street Films closed it's doors in January 2004. All is not lost though, details of the fan club are available at The Offical Lexx Fan Club site, and the SadGeezers Guide is still on line... still collecting scraps of news when available.




A last bit of nonsence...

Oh yeah, I also have a weighty problem.... started off whilst I was working at Elcometer Instruments in Manchester. The weighloss idea is ongoing, but I've not updated the page for years... it got rather pointless just creating a long string of excuses. I leave it here purely for the amusement value.


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