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Welcome to the Demon Archimedes ftp archive

Descriptions of files may be found in the 0README.TXT file I *try* to keep this up to date. Please let me know of any problems.

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[Archive] [Binary] (3 kb) 15 April 1993
ArcTerm7 script to connect to demon, this requires the version of KA9Q named ArcKA9Q121NBexe.
[Archive] ArcPGP23a-118c.arc [Binary] (379 kb) 13 June 1994
Arc PGP version 2.3a release 1.18c. Pretty Good Privacy: Public Key encryption system.
[Text] FAQ-Using-Acorns-For-Internet-Access.readme [Text] (292) 16:17 01 October 1997
[Text] FAQ-Using-Acorns-For-Internet-Access.txt [Text] (50 kb) 16:17 01 October 1997
Frequently Asked Questions - with Answers about using Acorn machines to connect to the internet.
[Archive] Incorp120.arc [Binary] (52 kb) 07 September 1994
Replacement !Incorp to allow easier use of !ReadNews V0.30 with !TCPIP. The KA9Q->RUCP filter is no longer required.
[Archive] PGPwimp.arc [Binary] (18 kb) 07 May 1993
Wimp front-end for PGP.
[Archive] RN030scripts4PGP.arc [Binary] (7 kb) 20 May 1994
Scripts to integrate PGP with the ReadNews (V0.30) mailer/newsreader.
[Archive] RNfilters.arc [Binary] (47 kb) 29 December 1993
A set of BASIC programs which allow ReadNews to operate with KA9Q - one program to convert the inbound mail and news to rucp format, and a second to convert outbound rucp mail to KA9Q format.
[Archive] ReadNews030.arc [Binary] (237 kb) 07 May 1994
Version 0.30 of ReadNews.
[Archive] ReadNews030Fix.arc [Binary] (3 kb) 27 May 1994
Fix for the ReadNews 0.30 news posting bug.
[DIR] RiscOS2
Files which are vaguely targeted at Risc OS 2.
[DIR] acorn-files
Files copied from the Acorn ftp server which are particularly of use to Acorn using Demon customers.
[DIR] acorn-starter-pak
A get you started pack for using the KA9Q derived !TCPIP software.
This is setup for easy connection to Demon. Although much of the package is now out of date.
A new version will be prepare before too long (I hope!).
[DIR] antivirus
Archimedes virus related files.
(This directory is a link to another section of the Demon ftp archive, and therefore out of my control.)
[Archive] arc_userman.arc [Binary] (125 kb) 28 July 1993
Ka9q user manual - the title page indicates this is the same version included with ArcKA9Q121NBexe and ArcKA9Q121Nexe.
[DIR] astronomy
Files concerned with the Universe...
[DIR] blockdrivers
Block drivers are designed to allow communications programs to operate without being concerned over differing hardware setups.
[DIR] demos
[DIR] developers
Development programs - these are usually fine, but may cause problems in untested circumstances. Use anything in here with care unless you've been specifically directed to use such.
[DIR] diallers
How to dial a number for useful purposes....
like connecting to the world for example.
[DIR] dtp
Programs particularly of use to DeskTop Publishers...
[DIR] editors
Text editor programs and utilities.
[DIR] emulators
Programs designed to emulate the function of other systems
[DIR] enhance
System 'enhancement' programs
Some programs in the utils directory would perhaps be suitable in here!
[DIR] freenet
FreeNet TCP/IP stack and programs.
[DIR] freenet-starter-pak
Acornet is a get you started pack for using the FreeNet TCP/IP software.
Included is:
FreeNet (V1.02), SlipDial (V0.42a), SerialDev (Rev 12), ArcWeb (V1.69), Freterm (V1.20), Newsbase (V0.57h), TTFN (V0.36), Groups (V0.14), FreeNews (V1.03), POP (V0.98), FreeSMTP (V1.18), FreeFTP (V0.45beta), Ping (V0.13), Finger (V0.13), NetConfig (V2.5), StrongHelp (2.03) and AnUpgrade (1.00)
There may be updates available for a number of these packages.
[DIR] games
Various games and diversions to while away the hours.
[DIR] gnu
Archimedes ports of variou GNU applications.
[Archive] gopher.arc [Binary] (23 kb) 24 September 1994
A gopher client to use with V2.xx of !TCPIP
[DIR] graphics
Various graphic programs and files.
[DIR] hamradio
Programs and files of interest to Acorn based radio hams.
[DIR] incoming
[DIR] irc
Files concerning Internet Relay Chat.
[DIR] lan
Local Area Network files
[DIR] languages
Computer language compilers etc.
[DIR] music
Music Files.
[Archive] netlite2.arc [Binary] (328 kb) 15 November 1995
Cut down version of KA9Q. V1.0
This is a fixed version of the previous archive.
[Archive] news103a.arc [Binary] (97 kb) 15 November 1995
News reader.
[DIR] old_versions
[DIR] rayshade
Ray trace programs
[DIR] riscpc
Programs which only work on the Risc PC
[Archive] rucp.arc [Binary] (123 kb) 25 December 1992
Archimedes uucp. A necessary prerequisite to using ReadNews. Although the program itself is not needed, there is so much of this archive which *is* needed to run ReadNews, that you might as well have the whole thing.
[Archive] [Binary] (16 kb) 03 October 1993
A proposed messaging interface for future perusal.
It is a method of applying unix sendmail to an Archimedes environment; at the moment I know of no mailers supporting it.
[DIR] silly
Desktop sillies - variations on Wanda and such like.
[DIR] sound
Sound players and manipulators.
[Archive] tcpip201.arc [Binary] (219 kb) 21 September 1994
V2.01 of !TCPIP - this is the RiscOS3 version of the KA9Q package. (For RiscOS2 users - look in the RiscOS2 subdirectory.)
A newer version is available from the developers directory, but is still in beta test.
[DIR] utils
General utilities
[DIR] www
World Wide Web programs and files
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