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Last update: 3rd Jan 2006

Moto, possibly: Cogito, ergo ceno

So, you must be wondering "What's this weighty problem?"

Well, it's my weight! I am, to put it mildly, overweight; so I'm putting this page up to announce to the world that I'm trying to rectify this.

Each week I have been getting weighed, and I've put a record here for you all to see. I started last June and managed to finish the year having lost just one pound.

This year I am aiming to make a much better showing... either that or I'll move to the moon where I'll weigh a lot less. [chuckle]

I would appreciate your prayers, I don't think this is going to be easy: it's taken about 13 years to get to the state I'm in now, I want to get back to a more sensible weight.

My target weight is 11 stone (=154 pounds =69.92 kilogrammes).

Total lost so far:

5lb (=5lb =2.27kg)
Still to lose:
5st 8lb (=78lb =35.41kg)

My maximum (since the beginning of the year) is
16st 13lb (=237lb =107.60kg)
and my minimum (hope to break this record often!) is
15st 13lb (=223lb =101.24kg)

The grim detail
7th January, 1997 -
16st 13lb (=237lb =107.60kg)
First weigh in of the new year.
Well, I gained 1 pound over Christmas, it could have been an awful lot worse! I think I was pretty controlled there. [grin]
14th January, 1997 -
16st 10lb (=234lb =106.24kg)
Well a good start to the year, losing 3 pounds. However, this may have been due to my having had a dose of pleuricy (yes, it was painful, but I'm just about over it now thanks) and consequential loss of appitite.
18th February, 1997 -
16st 8lb (=232lb =105.33kg)
Why the long gap?
Well, the pleuricy left me a bit drained and I got the flu, it was a pretty nasty version: I've heard of some people who have had this strain since Christmas and still aren't over it!
Anyway, that brought out my asthma again, and as it went along, I've been off work for four weeks. I finally got back on Monday this week.
I thought I might have lost a bit more than two pounds for all that time off though...
25th February, 1997 -
16st 5lb (=229lb =103.97kg)
Not too bad, three pounds off... must try to take it easy. This time it's got to stay off.
4th March, 1997 -
16st 5lb (=229lb =103.97kg)
Hmm... stuck for a week. Will do better next week.
11th March, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
Just one pound off, never mind: it's in the right direction. Must try harder this week.
18th March, 1997 -
16st 8lb (=232lb =105.33kg)
Eek! Four pounds up on the week! I blame Pizzaland: the Altrincham branch closed on Saturday... we had to go and have one last pizza!
I've perhaps been a little over-indulgent with the chocolate too...
I need to try a lot harder this week.
25th March, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
Well, all four pounds gone again! Don't ask me how, perhaps last week we just read the scales wrong?
1st April, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
I'm slightly pround of myself this time. I've not lost anything, but I haven't gained... even with Easter eggs and other such chocolately delights to tempt me!
8th April, 1997 -
16st 1lb (=225lb =102.15kg)
This is more like it!! Lost 3 pounds even after having attended my sisters wedding on Friday: a loverly nosh up! [grin]
Perhaps it's all the exercise I'm getting collecting treasure in Shades.
15th April, 1997 -
16st 2lb (=226lb =102.60kg)
Well I actually half expected to have gained more than that, after staffing on the Cursillo weekend, where the food was so good!
Got to be careful over this week though.
22nd April, 1997 -
16st 1lb (=225lb =102.15kg)
Hmmm.. Interesting, I had chips (fries for the geographically challenged) three times this week and still managed to lose a pound!
Perhaps I should eat chips more often. [grin]
29th April, 1997 -
16st (=224lb =101.70kg)
Great, second week in the right direction: no chips this week though. I was hoping to get below 16st really this week. Never mind, next week I'll get there.
6th May, 1997 -
16st 2lb (=226lb =102.60kg)
Oh bother! No excuses this week, I'm baffled why I should have put on two pounds this week.
Can I blame the General Election?
13th May, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
Crumbs, this is getting bad. I must be doing something wrong... Probably eating [grin]
20th May, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
Right, that's stablised a wee bit. See if I can turn the tide this week.
27th May, 1997 -
16st 3lb (=227lb =103.06kg)
Great! Back on the downward trend. I've got to get under 16st soon, it's been too long.
3rd June, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
Back up again. I wouldn't care so much if I was particularly overeating... okay, I have the occasional biscuit, but it's one or maybe two a day at the most.
...hmm... sometimes three or four...
...but only very occasionally!
10th June, 1997 -
16st 2lb (=226lb =102.60kg)
I feel like a yo-yo, all this up and down... at least it's down this week!
Maybe this time I can keep going down.
17th June, 1997 -
16st 1lb (=225lb =102.15kg)
Right, slowly does it...
24th June, 1997 -
No 'weigh in' this week.
We had HRH The Duke of Kent visiting work for their 50th anniversary; so the scales were packed away like everything else!
1st July, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
Oh dear. Obviously, this must have been because of the Dukes visit...!
Well, one excuse is much the same as another.
I hope this will have been just a minor abberation (again). The downward 'trend' will resume nerxt week.
8th July, 1997 -
16st 2lb (=226lb =102.60kg)
Minor abberations not withstanding... back going down again.
Let's see if I can keep it going down for more than a couple of week this time!
15th July, 1997 -
16st 2lb (=226lb =102.60kg)
Aw, this is getting very tedious.
If I'm not careful I'll have to go on a diet!
22nd July, 1997 -
16st 4lb (=228lb =103.51kg)
Here I go again...
One thing I must remember: If you keep doing the same thing, you'll keep getting the same result.
This must be what I'm doing wrong. I think I'll start a food diary again: I'll write down everything I eat and see if I can sort myself out that way. I'm less likely to nibble if I have to write the nibbles down! [grin]
29th July, 1997 -
16st 3lb (=227lb =103.06kg)
I'm not saying anything!
Well, perhaps a little bit.
Writing down the food may have helped a little: at least I feel too ashamed to buy a lot of chocolate in one go...
See if I can keep it up..err...down this next week.
5th August, 1997 -
16st (=224lb =101.70kg)
I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing now!
The elusive 'under 16st' is looming on the horizon.
12th August, 1997 -
16st (=224lb =101.70kg)
Stuck. Why is the 16st mark such a terrible barrier?
I suppose the church Barbeque last Saturday wouldn't have helped.
19th August, 1997 -
16st 2lb (=226lb =102.60kg)
Argh!! No!! Beefburgers + Youth Group BBQ's... say no more! [sigh]
26th August, 1997 -
15st 13lb (=223lb =101.24kg)
At last, I got under 16st. It's been a long time in achieving, but it feels so good. I've just got to carry on down now!
2nd September, 1997 -
15st 13lb (=223lb =101.24kg)
Ah! This must be what's called 'consolidating my position.'
No change, but at least I'm still under the dreaded 16st.
9th September, 1997 -
15st 13lb (=223lb =101.24kg)
I want to continue going down... I've just got myself a new job, and I get a company car with it: this means a posibility of less exercise. Got to be careful.
16th September, 1997 -
16st 1lb (=225lb =102.15kg)
Bother! Bother! Bother!
Was it too good to last? No! I'm going to keep on: I will achieve my goal.
23rd September, 1997 -
16st 3lb (=227lb =103.06kg)
Well... I've been celebrating the new job: perhaps I've been celebrating a little excessively!
Not much time left now: I finish work on the 1st October.
30th September, 1997 -
16st (=224lb =101.70kg)
Wonderful! This is my last weigh-in at Elcometer: I finish tomorrow and start my new job next Tuesday. How nice it is to finish with a drop back down.
I've got some scales sorted out for myself though: so I shall carry on with my 'weighty problem'... [grin]
25th October, 1997 - now weighing in on Saturday mornings
16st 8lb (=232lb =105.33kg)
Well, what do you know?
New job, new car (lovely car: Renault Laguna... which means less walking - oh dear!), and new scales.
The fact that it's new scales means that it's a slightly unreliable reading (how's that for an excuse?) but that doesn't get round the fact that I have put on weight over the last month.
The new car mean that I'm getting less exercise than I was before: I've got to try to sort out a time for exercise now! [grin]
1st November, 1997 -
16st 10lb (=234lb =106.24kg)
Oh my! Another two pounds back on.
No excuse: no exercise either particularly... I'm trying to walk into Warrington each lunch time to get a bit of exercise, but it's only about half a mile each way.
8th November, 1997 -
16st 10lb (=234lb =106.24kg)
Right, stalled the increase once more: now to try to get into reverse and lose some of it.
I feel very bad: I need to get myself sorted out.
22nd November, 1997 -
16st 6lb (=230lb =104.42kg)
Well, there's a surprise!
I haven't been as careful as I could be about what I eat, but obviously I've done something right this week. Now that I'm settling into my new job, I can start to look at my new lifestyle a bit more calmly and see what I can do.
29th November, 1997 -
16st 2lb (=226lb =102.60kg)
That's better, heading back in the right direction once more.
Where have I heard that before?
6th December, 1997 -
No weigh-in today --- it was our company Christmas 'do' in France: and a great time was had by all!
Ah... I ate well though. Oops!
13th December, 1997 -
16st 6lb (=230lb =104.42kg)
I'm not really surprised at this, last weeks trip to France involved quite a lot of eating.
As the festive season rapidly aproaches, I have a sneaking suspicion that weight loss is not really on the agenda! :-)
20th December, 1997 -
16st 8lb (=232lb =105.33kg)
Arrrrgh... I was trying not to eat too much, but it seems I'm not doing to well so far. There's a lot of eaty sort of things coming up now too.
Oh dear.
27th December, 1997 -
16st 8lb (=232lb =105.33kg)
Amazing! I actually had no increase over the Christmas period!
Perhaps the scales are broken?
3rd January, 1998 -
16st 8lb (=232lb =105.33kg)
Double amazing! I've pigged out on a few occations over the past couple of weeks, I must have gained something!! Perhaps the scales really are broken?
Units of mass
1 stone = 14 pounds
1 pound = 454 grammes
1000 grammes = 1 kilogramme

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