What is Cursillo®?

Last update: 17th November, 1998


What IS Cursillo®?

Cursillo is a method of supporting and encouraging our lives as Christians.

Cursillo (pronounced "kur-see-yo") is a Spanish word meaning "short course."

Cursillo in Chester diocese began and continues with the blessing of our Bishop.

What does Cursillo® offer?

An opportunity to grow in faith.

A chance to experience the love and grace of God and the joy of Christian fellowship.

A way of building a continuing Christian community to help one another on our spiritual journey.

It embraces the insights and good teachings of all the traditions in the Anglican church.

It is a movement within the church and not outside it, so it works together with groups and organisations in a parish.

Who is it for?

People just like you - laity and clergy - anyone who is:

What is a Cursillo® Weekend?

This is the first three days: It begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday afternoon.

During these three days, those attending live and work together, listening to talks given by different people, both lay and ordained.

You will hear talks on Ideals, Grace, Obstacles to Grace, the Life of Prayer, Study, Action, Lay People in the Church, Sacraments and the Christian Community.

The talks lead to lively discussion in small groups.

Learning, praying, sharing, singing, laughing and living together is the basis for discovering what it means to say, "We are the body of Christ."

What is expected of me?

There is no specific response expected of you.

Just be open to what happens.

Simply take a fresh look at what the Church has always taught - Good News - the miraculous and joyous discovery of Christ's endless love.

Is that really all?

Yes! There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no hidden mysteries only revealed to the initiated. If there are any surprises, that's only because the Christian life is full of surprises.

You aren't expected to know or do more, just reflect on being more!

And then...?

The weekend is not an end in itself but very much a beginning. Its purpose is to lead us into...

The Fourth Day

The Fourth Day is where we continue our journey together, and is the most important part of Cursillo. We support and encourage one another as we seek to live and work to Gods praise and glory.

Sound too good to be true?

Then come and see for yourself!


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